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Tennis & Netball Lighting

A substantial part of SES Lighting's business activities involve outdoor tennis lighting for clubs and residential use. Various lighting
on figurations are available, and are tailored to suit individual requirements for LUX levels and budgets. In order to enhance player enjoyment, club officials should ensure competition lighting conforms to the standards nominated by their respective state administrative body.

This is most important and is more easily achieved using "low level" lighting systems mounting at heights up to 7 metes above ground. The older high level systems generally mount up to 15 metres in height and are considerably more costly to maintain whilst having substantially lower lighting performance than the ENVIRON system. High pole systems are also more stringently controlled under building and planning guidelines.
Tennis & Netball Lighting

       Environ 1000                                                 SESY 400 LED                                                SESD 400 LED

LED Tennis Lighting now available from SES

Upgrade your existing Halogen or Metal halide lights to LED and save on maintenance and power consumption

Environ: 250/400/1000 wattage

SESY LED: 200/300/400/500 wattage

SESD LED: 200/400/600/800 wattage

Energy Comparison:

6 x 1500 watt Halogen = 9000 watts - can be replaced with 6 x 300 watt LED: Saving 7200 watts

4 x 1000 watt Metal halide = 4000 - can be replaced with 4 x 400 watt LED: Saving 2400 watts


Tennis & Netball Lighting
Tennis & Netball Lighting Tennis & Netball Lighting Tennis & Netball Lighting