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Sports & Commercial


What You Need To Know About Sports & Commercial Area Lighting

Sports and Commercial

Competition Level Tennis Lighting:

As opposed to social, (residential) standard lighting, when playing competition level tennis in the evenings we recommend a '6 pole' ENVIRON 1000 low level system (general rule for a single court ; this varies with club courts), with a height of 7 metres above the playing area.

What About Social Playing?

At SES Lighting, we have a residential standard using a '4 pole' low level system, with a mounting height of 7 metres above the playing area, (specified by local government requirements). As with competition lighting, we use and recommend ENVIRON 1000 metal halide flood fittings for their sharp cut-off and environmentally friendly reflector designed specifically for minimum light spill.

Sports and Commercial

Commercial Lighting:

SES commercial lighting systems are most commonly installed for area and security flood lighting purposes within car parks, display yards, service stations and vehicle wash bays.

We recommend the ENVIRON range for commercial applications with a range that varies from 70W to 1500W depending on our client's requirements. For example, an external car sales area may require a higher light level than a car park.