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Environ 1000/1500 Tennis Lighting For Domestic & Club Courts

The ENVIRON 1000/1500 is designed for low mounting heights up to 8 metres. The sharp cut-off limits spill light thereby meeting Local Authority requirements under normal conditions. (1Kw metal halide lamps have a lamp life of approximately 5 years).

Environ 250/400 Outdoor, Carpark & Commercial Lighting

With less wattage than the ENVIRON 1000, the 250/400 is suitable for low mounting with low running costs. Street optic or forward throw sharp cut-off minimum spill reflectors are available.

Environ 70/100/175 Outdoor, Walkway & Narrow Street Lighting

Suitable for walkway, narrow street, park, garden, jetty and driveway lighting. Designed to mount up to 6 meters, and is available with street optic or forward throw minimum spill sharp cut off reflectors.


The ENVIRON series is fitted with HID, (high intensity discharge), metal halide or HPS lamps to ensure long lamp life, superior performance, lower operating and maintenance costs.

LED Lighting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

LED flood lighting available: Upgrade you existing flood lighting to LED, contact us for a free quote. (SESY400 LED pictured)