Netball Lighting

Netball is a well-known sport, especially in commonwealth nations. From the time of its introduction, the game has gained immense popularity amongst women. So far so that it is identified as mainly a ladies game. The game is played both outdoor and indoor courts. With growing popularity, various school leagues and domestic competitions have emerged. The game has been played at international level as well.
The requirement of quality netball facility is growing every day with growing number of participants. The lighting installations that produce uniform light, avoid glare and spill lighting are a significant part of quality netball facility.
Proper netball lighting provides players, judges and other team members clear visibility of all the activities happening on the court and follow games’ progression.
A well-lit court enhances a player’s performance and creates an enjoyable atmosphere for spectators as well. Good lighting installation is equally important during training and practicing sessions.
Along with the advantages, it is important for all Netball court lights to meet specified standards of minimum lux levels for lighting installations. The specified lux levels are different for school or University-based competition and professional tournaments.
High quality LED lights are best suited for the requirements of both professional as well as non-professional tournaments. They are cost-effective, produce even spread light and consume less energy.
The Australian standards for minimum lux levels are:

  • Netball Training light level: 100 lux
  • Club competition light level: 200 lux

The height of lighting poles around the court should be maintained suitable for the area , while the recommended height is 10 -15m to achieve uniform light spread. Apart from this, level of illuminance, uniform light spread, obtrusive spill light,colour contrast and rendering are important aspects to be considered before designing lighting installations for any Netball facility.

If you want your Netball courts to accommodate for professional and non-professional competitions, then design a lighting installation that can be easily upgraded. Consulting with an expert ensures detailed assessment of illumination requirements, so as to determine the perfect solution.

Contact us and consult with our experts for all your queries. Our line of products includes a Luminare that is perfectly suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. We assist our clients in the maintenance and installation of all luminaries.

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