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"Steinel" Indoor/Outdoor Passive Infra Red (Pir) Sensor Fittings Available From SES Lighting


German designed and manufactured, this standard setting sensor range provides superior motion detection by using dual lens' (up to 360 degrees). Included is a "sneak by" guard to prevent intruders. Comes with a 3 yr warranty, (lamp excluded).

"Steinel" Infra Red Sensor Light Fittings

STEINEL passive infra red light fittings have inbuilt motion sensors to detect movement within a radius of 12 metres. Some units have "wattmatic" or energy saving features. STEINEL meets Australian electrical & moisture standards.

"Steinel" Remote Infra Red Sensors

Additional to the STEINEL range of sensor light fittings are remote sensors with variable angle and opening apertures of 130-360 degrees that can switch individual or series connected existing light fittings.

"Steinel" Lighting Control

In the beginning there was light, now there's STEINEL LuxMaster, the unique lighting control system for modern building management! BLS & StudioLine for energy efficiency.

"Steinel" Impulser System

SES Lighting and STEINEL are proud to announce the arrival of "IMPULSER", featuring remote sensor, transmission via fixed or hand held units, and switching up to 50 metres through brick or glass

"Steinel" Garden Lighting

STEINEL series GL garden lights are available as single bollard type and twin pedestal fittings. Ideal for pathways, driveways and gardens where subdued effects are required.

SES "Canopy" Hid Range

SES Lighting manufacture CANOPY HID light fittings designed for metal halide or HPS up to 400 watts. Surface or recessed mounting option, trim kit required

SES "Low/High Bay" Hid Fittings

These fittings are ideal for mounting heights up to 4 and 8 metres respectively in warehouse & production areas. Up to 400 watts of energy efficient lighting output ensures long life with low maintenance.

SES "Industrial" Flood Fixtures

In addition to the functional and architectural appearance of the "ENVIRON" series, SES Lighting also supply industrial flood fittings up to 400 watts suitable for general outdoor flood lighting applications.