Sports Lighting

What You Need To Know About Sports & Commercial Area Lighting

Competition Level Tennis Lighting:

We recommend SESY400Watt and SESY500 Watt LED asymmetric Sports Lights

As opposed to social, (residential) standard lighting, when playing competition level tennis in the evenings we recommend a '6 pole'  low level LED Lighting system  (general rule for a single court ; this varies with club courts), with a height of 7 - 8 meters above the playing area.

What About Social Playing?

At  SES  Lighting, we have a residential standard using a '4 pole' low level system, with a mounting height of 7 meters above the playing area as with competition lighting, we use and recommend SESY400 LED asymmetric Sports Lights for their sharp cut-off and environmentally friendly designed forward throw chips specifically for minimum light spill.